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永利集团304am官方入口-永利集团304am官方入口 firmly believes that to provide a flexible and tailor-made uv disinfection system, we need to know more about all aspects. for example: type of industry, water quality and other factors. when we are selecting models, the following five elements are very important.

1.define flow

the first thing to define is the flow rate of the liquid to be processed. it sounds easy, but they need not only maximum flow, average flow and minimum flow, but also usage patterns.

for example, if the normal average flow is 5m3/h, each shift is 6 hours, but the maximum is 10m3/h and lasts 2 hours. in this case, it is better to use a combination of two 5m3/h devices, one of which is normally offline , enabled under peak conditions.


2.define whether the flow is continuous or intermittent

the minimum flow rate is important because some large uv reactors require a minimum flow rate to stay cool. if the cooling flow guarantee cannot be achieved, you may need a backup flow system to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and reduce the failure rate.

also important is whether the flow is intermittent. if the flow stops, the reactor may need to be shut down, but when it restarts, it needs a warm-up time to reach the sterilizing dose. in addition, frequent start and stop may shorten the life of the uv lamp and ballast. this may result in increased maintenance costs and management of water use in the production line.

3.define the liquid characteristics of uv disinfection

the uv sterilization system not only treats water, but also treats syrups, fruit juices and similar solutions.

the secret of ultraviolet sterilization is the ultraviolet transmittance (uvt), which indicates how much radiant power is lost when ultraviolet rays are absorbed or scattered in the liquid passing through a path length of 1cm. it is usually measured as a percentage, so a liquid with a uvt of 80% means that 20% of the uv intensity will be lost in a 1cm path.

knowing this, in the design of the system, we can better consider the configuration to make up for the strength loss. other relevant influencing factors are turbidity (a measure of light-scattering colloidal particles), color and uv254 absorbance.

4.establish the correct uv dose

in the selection of uv dose, in addition to referring to the definition of relevant norms and standards, consideration should also be given to whether the water contains some special organisms, such as some yeasts and molds that require higher doses to kill.

informing you of your water source in all aspects, ruilang can help you choose more suitable uv water treatment products.

5、guarantee in use

in order to make the uv system run efficiently, you may also need some auxiliary means. the uv monitor can ensure that the effective sterilization dose can be reached; the intelligent control system can be more convenient for monitoring and operation. of course, timely and professional after-sales response is also indispensable. ruilang provides overall life cycle service support to ensure your normal use.


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