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a must-永利集团304am官方入口

2020-10-29 7,499
uv disinfection technology has been used in my country for many years, but its application in the swimming pool industry is not too long. initially, ultraviolet light was used to remove and control the combined residual chlorine (chloramine) in indoor swimming pools, and to increase secondary disinfection. nowadays, as people’s health concerns are increasing and the maturity of the swimming pool market develops, the demand for uv disinfection equipment will become more and more extensive. today will be a systematic discussion on the topic of using ultraviolet disinfection equipment in swimming pools.


harm of chloramine

when it comes to swimming pool management, it will inevitably involve our protagonist-“chloramine”.

you are no stranger to chloramine. the pungent smell in swimming pools is mainly chloramine, and we often mistake it for too much chlorine.

although traditional pool managers have tried many ways to control chloramines, they seem to be unsatisfactory. in many modern facilities, it is not uncommon for chloramines to accumulate in the air, and its hazards are also multi-faceted:

  1. endangering the respiratory health of users and staff
  2. it will accelerate the corrosion of the swimming pool and shorten the life cycle of the building. especially stainless steel equipment (lifeguard racks, handrails, springboards, springboard railings, etc.) may cause discoloration and corrosion.
3. in addition, the air treatment equipment of the swimming pool may be affected. chloramines free in the air will also corrode the air treatment equipment, increasing the potential maintenance cost.4. due to the production of chloramines, the use cost of chlorine preparations will be greatly increased.the increase in these costs is usually not obvious and may be ignored by pool managers.

advantages of uv removal of chloramines

  1. medium-pressure ultraviolet rays destroy all chloramines, monochloramines, dichloramines and trichloramines. greatly reduce the potential harm to indoor people.
  2. ultraviolet disinfection equipment has a high degree of integration and low maintenance costs. save the time and energy of the operator.
  3. only energy is needed, without adding any other chemical reagents. effectively save the chemical cost required for chlorine preparations.
4. ultraviolet rays can automatically and continuously reduce the chloramine compounds in the pool water, significantly reduce the exhaust and pollution of the swimming pool air, create a healthier and more comfortable indoor environment, and extend the service life of buildings and equipment.5. wide application range of ultraviolet rays: universal to all aquatic environments, including outdoor facilities, such as activity and leisure pools, competition pools, spray systems, treatment pools, children’s pools, hydrotherapy pools and diving pools.6. ultraviolet rays are effective against chlorine microorganisms, such as cryptosporidium and giardia.7. the overall cost of swimming pool operation is greatly reduced: uv equipment helps to balance the load of chlorine, so free chlorine can be kept at a low level. due to the reduced use of chlorine, fewer chlorinated by-products are generated, fewer ph buffers are required, fewer chemicals are required for total ph adjustment, and the potential for generation of disinfection by-products is less likely.

which is more suitable for medium pressure and low pressure

the installation location of the uv sterilizer: the raw swimming pool water passes through the hair/cotton filter, filter, ultraviolet rays, peripheral equipment, and then returns to the pool.

how to choose between low-voltage equipment and medium-voltage equipment is mainly based on actual needs. the general differences between the two are as follows:

1. low-pressure (lp) ultraviolet light: single band, disinfection-oriented, can remove monochloramine; low energy consumption, higher relative maintenance cost, and larger installation location.

2. medium-pressure (mp) ultraviolet rays: multi-wavelength, disinfection, monochloramine; dichloramine and trichloramine can only be removed by mp, reducing maintenance and site requirements, but higher energy consumption


development direction of ultraviolet disinfection equipment

  • through the use of ppm and total chloride probe, the output of ultraviolet intensity is adjusted to achieve the purpose of precise treatment.
  • the power adjustment of medium pressure lamp can reduce energy consumption.
  • optimize the bypass design to reduce the impact of maintenance on the system.
  • accurate grasp of the dosage requirements for different swimming pool environments.
  • according to the comprehensive factors such as flow rate, pool diameter, pool type (treatment pool, spa, competition pool, etc.), disinfection method (salt, bromine or chlorine) and other comprehensive factors, configuration and selection.
  •  a complete data management platform helps customers to better establish quality control root tracking.

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